Saturday, 6 August 2011

Learning curve difficulties

I'm thoroughly enjoying my embossing course and hope to post something tomorrow.  I've struggling to overcome a couple of technical difficulties:

I bought my digital camera in 2003 and this year changed my laptop which is now running on Windows 7.  Cannon tell me that they no longer support my camera.  They were happy enough to take a lot of money off me when I bought it but expect me to join the disposable age.  I'm not happy with this attitude and fortunately have still got the old laptop which will have to remain my "photo lab."

I'm also having difficulty getting the laptop to copy and paste as the mouse has a touchpad and right click doesn't work.  Waiting for Hewlett Packard to get back to me on this but I have found out how to use the keyboard buttons and was therefore able to add the Waltzing Mouse Challenge button to my blog.  Better get to work.

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